David's Community Contributions

While David is proud of being one of the top real estate professionals in the East Bay area, he is also a proud member of the community which provides him with his livelihood. Not only does David work in the East Bay, he and his family also live in Crocker Highlands and he is an active member in the neighborhood.  

Alongside his popular and successful PTA Give Back Program, where David has been able to donate thousands of dollars directly to local schools from his earned commissions, David also has a passion and drive to support other local initiatives through donations and volunteering his free time.

Take a look at some the of the organizations that David helps to support in the Oakland and East Bay area and if you want to learn more about how you can offer support, feel free to contact David or reach out to the individual groups directly using  the information provided.

Crocker Highlands Elementary

Crocker Highlands Elementary School Logo

David is proud to be the Top Sponsoring REALTOR® and a Circle Sponsor at Crocker Highlands Elementary School. Each year, David helps by subsidizing the school auction where funds are raised to help the PTA enhance the school’s curriculum and thereby benefiting student success in the school. Along with subsidizing the auction, David also helps to subsidize the annual Grade 5 three day field trip to Alliance Redwood School Camp as well as the Spring Carnival that is held for all students each May. David has three children that have all been fortunate enough to be part of this fantastic school and community. To learn more about how you can donate to the Crocker Highlands Elementary School, please visit their website at: www.crockerschool.org

Edna Brewer Middle School

Edna Brewer Logo

David is a “Top Brewer Partner School Sponsor” at Edna Brewer Middle School in Oakland, California. Edna Brewer draws its students from Crocker Highlands, Glenview, Cleveland and Bella Vista elementary schools and last year was the only public middle school in the Oakland area with a waiting list.

Edna Brewer is a diverse, high-performing school that boasts a strong commitment to academic excellence, a positive supportive school culture and an exceptionally rich extra-curricular program and academics with a focus on enriched Music, Art and Drama programs; all of which require support via donations and fundraising. Funds that are raised through the active PTSA help to support peer tutoring, field trips, the arts programs, school supplies and a huge list of other necessities that provide much needed instruction and support for the students. The locally renowned Edna Brewer Jazz Band performs a sold-out house at Yoshi’s Jazz club in Oakland, CA every year and are a testament to the fantastic music program that is offered through donations and fundraising.

If you would like to learn more about Edna Brewer Middle School and how you and your children can become active members of this inclusive school community where social and emotional learning are a priority, please visit the school’s website at www.ednabrewer.net

Oakland Art Murmur

oakland art murmur logo

David has been a fan of Oakland Art Murmur for the past several years and has made every effort to support this fantastic organization where possible. By supporting Oakland Art Murmur, David is able to support local artists, galleries and raise awareness and appreciation for arts in the Oakland area. As per the Oakland Art Murmur’s mission statement:

Oakland Art Murmur strengthens Oakland’s diverse visual arts communities by providing access to resources, programming, and experiences. We connect and sustain Oakland’s vibrant visual arts culture to engage and enrich the Oakland community.

By providing donations to the OAM, David is trying to do his part to ensure the various exhibits, gallery tours, education session and special events are able to continue showcasing Oakland’s vibrant art scene.

If you would like to learn more about Oakland Art Murmur and discover how you can donate or participate, or just want to find out where you too can enjoy some local exhibits, please feel free to visit the OAM website: www.oaklandartmurmur.org

C510 Cycling Club

c510 cycling club logo

Predominantly a club made up of cycling enthusiasts from the Crocker Highlands and Piedmont neighborhoods of Oakland, C510 (Crocker Five and Dime) Cycling Club organizes morning rides throughout the Oakland Hills as well as participates in races and mountain bike events through the year.

While this diverse group of riders are passionate about their cycling, they are also passionate about their communities. As such, C510 supports the local community through various outreach programs, volunteering and a variety of fundraising that goes directly to the communities they live and ride in.

As an honorary member of C510, David is able to pursue two of his passions – cycling and giving back to his community.  David takes every chance he can get to participate in weekly rides here in our great area and loves supporting another group such as C510 that is also giving back.

If you would like to learn more about the C510 Cycling Club, or want to find out how you can help contribute to their fundraising efforts, visit the website here:  www.crocker510.com

c510 cycling club team photo

Oakland Girls Softball League

OGSL Oakland Girls Softball League logo

David became a sponsor of the Oakland Girls Softball League in 2016 after seeing the positive effects it had on his youngest daughter the Spring prior. Dave, who was primarily raised by his mother and two older sisters, feels strongly about the empowerment of young girls and is proud to be a supporter of the league.

oakland girls softball league

The mission of the Oakland Girls Softball League (OGSL) is to provide girls in the Oakland area the opportunity to participate in an exciting organized sport that promotes sportsmanship, teambuilding, friendship and leadership opportunities all while developing their individual skills and athleticism while having fun.

The OGSL is a volunteer run, non-profit, equal opportunity organization affiliated with the Amateur Softball Association (ABA) and relies solely on the funding generated through member registration and sponsorship donations to operate. The OGSL has an average of 300 girls registering as players each year and has been in operation since 1993.

If you have someone you know that could benefit from the fantastic opportunities offered through the OGSL, or if you just want to learn more about the organization and how you can become a sponsor, please visit the Oakland Girls Softball League website: www.ogsl.org


Oakland Originals
Short Documentaries by Oakland Artists

Oakland Originals is a series of short documentaries that spotlight the artists, musicians, thinkers and do-ers that make Oakland a uniquely vibrant and thrilling community. Featuring folks who are pushing boundaries and exploring territories singular to Oakland, these “Originals” electrify the screen and remind us why we love this town.  You can support the unique group as well and help further document what makes Oakland special here: www.oaklandoriginals.com












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