Selling Homes while Sheltering in Place

Posted by David Higgins on Tuesday, April 28th, 2020 at 2:02pm.

'When the SIP was first announced we were feverishly preparing several homes for the Spring market.'

We were scheduled to launch a home for sale at 1142 Longridge Rd, we had just listed 1079 Mandana Avenue as well as 1121 Trestle Glen Rd. and all of our clients were extremely nervous (as were we) about our local real estate market and what was to come.  Rumors were flying, the stock market was tumbling and it seemed like we were on a certain downward trajectory.  At the same time, the Shelter in Place ordinance was not considering the real estate industry as an essential service, basically, our hands were tied. We at Cush knew we would be added to the list of the essential services because even in a pandemic, some people still have to move.  

We at Cush knew we would be added to the list of the essential services because even in a pandemic, some people still have to move.  The question for us was how to best serve our clients once we were added to the list and could go back to work. 

Well, within two weeks we were added to the list, and here are a few of the tools we have implemented.

Matterport 3D Immersive Home Tours 

During the first two weeks of the SIP, the photography companies announced they were no longer taking pictures of homes.  We knew that photography would be more important than ever in this new world so we purchased our own Matterport Camera so that home buyer could have an incredible 3D immersive experience of our properties from the comfort of their own home. 

Take a tour of one of our recent Matterport tours here. Once you open it, press the play button on the bottom left menu bar and we have set the system up to guide you through the house without having to push another button.  If at any time you want to stop in one of the rooms and look around just click the picture with your mouse.

The amazing functionality of the Matterport:

  • It allows the homebuyer to feel like they are really in the house. 
  • Homebuyers can look up and down, left and right as they choose.
  • You can see the 3-dimensional view (Doll House View) to get a complete understanding of the floorplan.
  • Measure any spaces you want within the home using the measuring stick feature (want to know how long the living room wall it?)
  • The choice to walk the home in full Virtual Reality using a VR headset.

Zoom Video Open Houses and Virtual Guided Tours (by appointment)

We are now functioning with a completely virtual showing program for both personal tours of homes as well as open houses.  Using the Zoom Video Platform, we advertise and offer buyers that are interested in our listings an online link to join us live via video at our listings.  We then walk them through the home as they listen, watch, and ask us questions from the comfort and safety of their own home. If a buyer wants a private virtual tour, we have that option as well, so they can have undivided attention as they learn about our homes. 

A new Cush domain has been added to our listings further driving potential homebuyers to our property pages online.

Showing Homes Safely!!

At some point, a buyer that is interested in a home needs to actually go out and see it.  Part of the SIP Mandate is that homes can only be shown by agents one at a time.  What I mean is that two agents can't be showing the house to their clients at the same time.  Also, only one couple per home showing and they are supposed to be residing at the same residence. In order to do this we keep a schedule of all showing requests and give each agent a 1-hour window in which they and their clients can see the house.  An average home showing tends to be 20 minutes, so we have given each buyer showing ample time to make that there is no overlap.

Current Regulations Around Showing Homes

  • Open Houses and Brokers Opens are not allowed.
  • Agents can only show non-occupied vacant homes (until May 4th - then occupied homes are allowed with restrictions)
  • Occupied homes can be listed for sale but buyers can only view them virtually (until May 4th)
  • Landscapers and Contractors are now once again allowed to work on homes but must maintain social distancing.
  • Homes can only be shown by one agent at a time.

Here is some of our recent activity since the SIP began:

1142 Longridge Rd. Selling for a record price per Sq Ft. in the neighborhood after virtual open houses and marketing.

1079 Mandana Blvd sold in the first two weeks of the SIP.  Private showings only via the Cush seasoned realtor network.

1121 Trestle Glen was the first house our firm took pending after the beginning of the SIP. Selling firm with private showings only.

Find out more about our current listing at 32 Bowles Place, Oakland here, we'd love to virtually show you the home.

If you have any further questions about the current real estate market here or best practices, please reach out.
The health and safety of our community continues to be our number 1 priority while supporting our clients at the highest standards possible. 

Wishing you health, safety, and happiness.






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